What to do with trees you lose. | Remodel Revolution
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What to do with trees you lose.

What to do with trees you lose.

Today’s Green Tip

Brought to you by Hargrave Foundation Repair – The Original Hargrave Foundation-

It’s the time of year when we trim trees or sometimes lose them to inclement weather. Here’s a few things you can do with those trees instead of sending them to the landfill.

  • Cut into logs for the fireplace. If you don’t want them your neighbors might. Hint: You can call a firewood company to take them off and sell them as firewood.
  • Contact a local wood mill and have them milled and kiln dried. Hint: you can use this wood for Fireplace Mantels, Furniture, or wood paneling for your home.
  • Trim the branches and use them as borders for your flower beds.
  • Some trees can be used for fence posts and rails for a rustic look.
  • Woods chips – have the tree trimmer chip the branches for ground cover for your gardens.
  • Create outdoor benches and tables for an outdoor fire pit. Hint : then you can burn the wood in the pit.
  • Get creative and use the smaller branches for decorative items around the house Hint: curtain rods, table centerpieces, and wall art.